The basic principle of our quality and environmental philosophy is a commitment in all our operations to perform in a way that our customers perceive as flawless. In our products, we aim for as long-lasting solutions as possible, to enable our customers to operate sustainably in terms of both costs and the environment.


As we develop the company, our goal is to bring operational and product quality to a level that customers, partners and the company’s employees perceive as flawless and generally accepted as high quality. We are committed to adhering to all laws, decrees and official regulations, and we strive to fulfill our customers' requirements.


The responsibility of the company management is to create a both physically and mentally safe working environment for the personnel. Management shall also ensure that no barriers arise between different departments and that there are no obstacles to cooperation and flexibility. Management’s task, moreover, is to encourage everyone working in the company to act in accordance with the quality and environment philosophy in all aspects.


We pays particular attention to the management of processes in order to reach as efficient and environmentally friendly operations as possible. All strategic functions are monitored regularly with quality indicators.


Our environmental system has been integrated into the operations and functions of the company. We continually survey our environmental impacts and set and monitor environmental targets to ensure continuous development. In environmental matters, we are committed to adhering to all laws, decrees and official regulations, and we strive to fulfil our customers’ environmental requirements.


We use a network of cooperation partners in our operations. This means that we seek and partner with companies with whom we will cooperate closely on a long-term basis. In this way we ensure that our partners meet our availability, quality and cost efficiency requirements.


We understand that high quality does not imply high cost: we aim to perform flawlessly by rationalising operations so that costs remain at the correct level.


Our functions and operations are based on continuous improvement. The approved strategy and mission statement are the basis for investments and development activities. A strategy map defines the strategy of the company and quality indicators are used to monitor and ensure its execution. Development objectives are defined according to the approved strategy, with particular emphasis on the areas targeted by the quality indicators.


The competitive advantages of Satel are high quality, short delivery times and appropriate cost. We trusts that focusing on these advantages will ensure the company a top position throughout the world within its field and that the expectations on the purpose of the company, as set by customers, employees, society and shareholders, are met.

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