GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

There is no such thing as having too much information.

Transferring data in GNSS RTK systems

In an age when having up-to-date, reliable information is vital, SATELLINE modems provide an easily installed solution. Used world wide in a variety of GNSS, remote measurement, control and interrogation applications, many companies have come to depend on Satel products.

In real-time Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematic GPS (RTK) the data is transmitted from the base GNSS receiver situated in a known position to the rover GNSS receiver. The rover GNSS receiver takes the base data into account in order to calculate its own position in centimeter accurately.

SATELLINE radio modem is the excellent choice for wireless data link between GNSS base and rover stations. The reference, base, station sends position corrections data to the rover once a second.

Examples of GNSS systems based on Satel products:
Land surveying – Correction data from the base to the rover station
Agriculture – Precision farming
Machine control - Based to positioning information
Harbour logistics - Wireless container positioning information and terminal management systems
Port cranes - Remote and real-time control based to positioning information

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Small UHF data transceiver module
403 ... 473 MHz
1 W
UHF radio modem with wide 90 MHz / 70 MHz tuning range and selectable channel spacing.
330...420 / 403 ... 473 MHz
RS-232, -422
1 W

Data transceiver module with wide tuning range
330...420 MHz / 403 ... 473 MHz
RS-232, 422, LVTTL, TTL
1 W
IP67 (NEMA 6) classified SATEL radio modem, with high 35 W output power and wide tuning range
403 ... 473 MHz
RS-232 / 35 W

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