Even the best alarm system is useless if it’s not reliable.

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Satel radio modems, equipped with an auxiliary power source, are used worldwide in different alarm and control applications by both official authorities and private citizens. Satel radio modems are well suited for monitoring remote locations such as marinas and warehouses, as they don't require cabling. Since a radio modem network can be flexibly extended, the applications can vary between singular targets to citywide systems. In addition to alarm monitoring the modems can be used to relay a wide range of information, making the levels of the monitoring almost limitless. A single radio modem network can be configured for alarm monitoring, passage control systems and to monitor selected targets such as gates, doors etc.

Examples of security applications based on Satel radio modems:
Alarm surveillance network - Own independent reliable, easy to expand network
Gate control - Wireless commands to open / close gates, even from moving vehicles
Camera control systems - Remote control
Warning lights - Cable free control of the airport warning lights

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A licence free lightweight UHF radio modem for medium range applications
869.4125 ... 869.6375 MHz
500 mW
Radio modem for UHF frequencies with dedicated Network Management System (NMS) –software
330 … 470 MHz
RS-232, 422, 485
1 W

UHF radio modem with dedicated NMS -software and 10 W output power
330 … 470 MHz
RS-232, 422, 485
10 W
Radio modem for VHF frequencies with advanced Network Management functions
135…174, 218…238 MHz
RS-232, 422, 485
5 W

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