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Bulletproof communications

Our products are renowned for their reliability in demanding conditions. As demonstrated by the number of international armies who use radio modems to control moving targets in live fire exercises. The remotely controlled targets can be placed anywhere on the range according to the scenario. In anti-aircraft exercises, the radio modems relay strike information from the target, based on air pressure changes. With these applications rugged manufacture and reliable connections are vital.

Changing the settings of an application is more comfortably done from an office than on-site. This is why bi-directional radio modem networks are well suited for the remote control of equipment in addition to just monitoring. For example several ski resorts use applications that measure the amount of snow on the slopes. If the snow cover start to melt, the application will switch on the snow blowers immediatly.

Our environment is being measured by thousands of monitoring stations. The information on weather needs to be constantly gathered, distributed and systems updated.  Monitoring requirements vary greatly from the quality of water or air to weather conditions and natural phenomenon. Often these monitoring stations are located in remote, difficult places where normal connections are impossible to set up. Radio modems have low power consumption and can transfer data over long distances, making them an excellent choice for data transfer and controlling independent measuring stations.

Examples of telemetry applications based on SATEL products:
Weather stations – Easy and cost effective data transfer
Car / Boat racing – Real-time result service
Military – Moving target systems
Irrigation systems – Remote and real-time control

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Radio modem for UHF frequencies with dedicated Network Management System (NMS) –software
330 … 470 MHz
RS-232, 422, 485
1 W
UHF radio modem with dedicated NMS -software and 10 W output power
330 … 470 MHz
RS-232, 422, 485
10 W

Data transceiver module with wide tuning range
330...420 MHz / 403 ... 473 MHz
RS-232, 422, LVTTL, TTL
1 W
UHF radio modem with wide 90 MHz / 70 MHz tuning range and selectable channel spacing.
330...420 / 403 ... 473 MHz
RS-232, -422
1 W

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