ITS is needed everywhere

To keep people and services moving traffic needs to be designed efficiently. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are improving travel experience everywhere. Operational communication is a major factor in ITS.  Without reliable data communications the system cannot operate. Private radio data network ensures the functionality of these applications in every situation. 

Low latency and high availability with Satel radio modems

Mission-critical communication requires usually high availability and very low response time. Public networks are often too unreliable to be used in these situations.  Radio modem based data transfer is cost effective and provides a secure way to transfer data between vehicles and central station. 

Ensure communication with real time data transfer

Radio modems ensure that the communication is available regardless of unexpected influences such as extreme weather conditions or just an event with a high density of people like a concert or a football game. The technology  establishes a real time communication links between system components. Satel equipment is designed to withstand vibration and shock allowing the instalment to moving equipment and in harsh conditions.

Traffic light priority systems ensure that fleet (buses, trams, emergency or governmental vehicles) can drive efficiently through traffic. At its simplest this system has an onboard controller or computer, a GPS and a Satel radio modem for communication. Intersections equipped with signaling are reactive and have a signal controller and a radio modem to handle the priority requests.

Satel has a provided large communication networks traffic light priority systems in Europe. In Netherlands there are over 10 000 buses and signal controller cabinets equipped with Satel communication. In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Satel has provided communication for a thousand buses and intersection cabinets.

With variable messaging traffic control can inform drivers approaching the city if it detects any problems on the highway. When drivers can prepare necessary actions in advance,  awareness improves and traffic becomes safer. The information on free parking space on the area can also be distributed with variable messaging. The infromation about available spaces is delivered in real time to all information displays in the area.

To ensure safe working conditions for railroad construction workers  communication must be reliable and available all the time . Failsafe warning systems are usually designed to be triggered from any exception the logics detect. This sets a high demand for the communication reliability. Satel has been successfully providing communication devices for our railroad construction customers for several years. The number of Satel radio modems being installed in track warning systems is in thousands and builds up to grow. 

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