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New updated SATEL web site is now published!   If you have any comments or want to give feedback please feel free to send e-mail to address All the comments are more than welcomed! Read more »
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W is a new IP67 classified radio modem with wide 70 MHz tuning range within frequency area 403 ... 473 MHz. Channel spacing is software selectable to be either 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz. All features in one hardware! And the high... Read more »
SATEL's distributor in Switzerland LINK COMPUTER SERVICES SA., Mr. Roger Stroude has decided to move forward in his life and will no more be a distributor for SATEL. This come effective on the 31st of December 2010. We want to thank Mr... Read more »
We are happy to inform you that SATELLINE-3AS, -3AS Epic, -3AS NMS, -3AS Epic NMS and -3ASd Epic Pro 10W modems have new wider frequency range. New range is 330 ... 470 MHz. Tuning range is +/-2 MHz from the central frequency. More information... Read more »
SATEL would like to take this time to welcome and announce its newest member of the SATEL team: Al Rafidain Co. (RAFCO) W.L.L., located in Doha Qatar. Al Rafidain Co. (RAFCO) W.L.L. takes care of SATEL business in Qatar. We wish them much success... Read more »
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