Buy-back system

You could say that in the field of electronics overall, the lifetime of products is not very long. Mobile phones are replaced every couple of years and industrial applications update their systems every 5–7 years. But radio modems, at least those from SATEL, are in use for 15–20 years. With these units the question is not if they can be used for such a long time. Yes, they can, and they work just fine. It is about customers wanting to have new features that are not available for the old units. Therefore we, SATEL Oy, offer a buy-back system. It really gives users the chance to start utilising the modern technology with the latest features without having to invest too much money.

As outlined above, we are targeting customers who are already using a sizeable system with any kind of radios, manufactured by SATEL or other company, and who are planning to expand their system with additional units. They can choose radios of any make and we propose to replace them with SATEL radio modems, thus making it possible for them to install SATEL radios also for the additional stations.

Please be in touch with the nearest SATEL distributor for you and ask a special buy-back offer in order to update your radio network with latest technology!

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