Finnish passenger information system to Poland

Seasam House, a Finland based software company specialized in information systems, delivers real-time passenger information system for the city transport company of Zielona Gora, Poland.

SeasamTRAVELLER-passenger information system produces predictions about next departures based on current GPS-location of the busses. Passenger information is distributed and presented on the LED-displays on the most vital bus stops.

The system consists nearly bus computers equipped with GPRS-modems and GPS-receivers, LED-displays based on wireless radio modem connection and comprehensive SeasamTRAVELLER-passenger information system. The radio modems used in this system are manufactured by Finnish telecommunication company SATEL Oy.

City of Zielona Goran is located in western Poland and there are nearly 200.000 inhabitants.

For further information:

Seasam House Oy
VP, Sales Manu Mesimaki
GSM: +358 50 388 1000

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