GERMANY; NEW Distributor nominated!

Starting from today, 05.06.2006, SATEL Oy has nominated a new distributor for the German market area. Our new partner is WELOTEC GmbH, situated in Laer, close to Münster. The exact contact information you can find from this SATEL website; Distributors / Germany. Their website is

Shortly all the sales of SATEL products in Germany will go through WELOTEC and the cooperation with SATEL Deutschland will come to an end. To the old customers we want to express our regrets for any inconvenience caused to you because of this transition. But we do trust that in the future you will get a very good service.

Please do not hesitate to contact WELOTEC GmbH when ever you want to try or buy SATEL products.

We are happy to welcome WELOTEC GmbH to the SATEL family.

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