HSL expands its own data network with SATEL radio modems

The public transport in Helsinki area introduces a new ticketing and passenger information system in the end of 2015. The travel card system will be renewed and all different passenger information systems will be combined into one service. With this update the whole system gets real-time passenger information. The investment for the new system is around 60 million euros.

Reliability and effectiveness is improved by updating the traffic light priority system to answer today’s requirements. The priorities are delivered through a data network that is based on radio modems.

The system applies subtle changes to the traffic light timing in order to assist the passage of public transport. It has little impact on general traffic, but improves public transport significantly. It reduces driving times and fuel consumption and adds reliability and convenience of the public transport.

SATEL has already delivered over 1000 radio modems to the system and the deliveries for the expansion have already started. The delivery includes radio modems and antennas for the wireless data transfer between the vehicles and traffic lights. The data network uses the latest SATELLINE-radio modems.


SATEL is ranked as one of the “hidden champions” top 100 list In Finland. SATEL has been designing and manufacturing radio modems for nearly 30 years in its own factory in Salo, Finland. SATELLINE radio modems are type approved in over 50 countries. Approximately 90 % of the production is exported and is being sold in over 100 countries all over the world.

The most common applications for radio modems are smart grid, telemetry, GNSS, SCADA and ITS. SATEL has provided data communications for several different applications that improve public transport. For example the whole public transport in The Netherlands uses SATEL radio modems for traffic light priority, vehicle tracking and to display real-time timetable information. SATEL has delivered over 12 000 modems to the system.

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