NEW remotely manageable radio modem SATELLINE-3AS(d) NMS

In addition to ordinary communication functions SATELLINE-3AS(d) NMS exhibits configuration through radio, efficient diagnostics tools and accumulation of operation statistics data. The strength of the signal (RSSI) and the voltage level of the power source as well as the inside temperature of the modem are monitored on a continuous basis. The information is transmitted to the SATEL NMS PC, where it is stored and displayed as logs and trend data.

The new SATEL Network Management System improves user's network reliability by allowing user to anticipate problems, and even resolve them without needing to visit the site. Vital network statistics and modem settings are instantly accessible from user's computer.

SATEL NMS PC is a software tool designed by SATEL for assisting when configuring, monitoring and diagnosing radio modem networks constructed with new SATELLINE-3AS(d) NMS modems.

More information of new revolutionary SATELLINE-3AS(d) NMS available under heading Products and SATELLINE.

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