SATEL delivers 9 MUSD radio network to Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (BESCOM), India.

SATEL will supply a turn-key radio data communications network to BESCOM, Bangalore Electricity Distribution Company in Bangalore, India. The total communications project value is USD 9 million and in addition to the design and supply the project scope covers a 3 year maintenance contract.

The objective of the Bangalore Distribution Upgradation Project is to improve the operation of BESCOM’s 11-kV distribution network supplying power to Bangalore city, and to create a basis for a future Smart Grid. BESCOM covers an area of 41 092 km2 with a population of nearly 14 million inhabitants, of whom approximately 5 million live in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area Zone (BMAZ) covered in the project.

SATEL solution provides wireless communication links for the distribution network’s DNP (Distributed Network Protocol) messages and consists of a redundant microwave radio backbone network and a UHF radio network which also features redundant master stations. In addition SATEL supplies a Network Management System (NMS) for the whole communication network.

The BESCOM project is an important milestone for SATEL and its Radio Data Network Solutions business unit. With this project SATEL intends to develop a strong and long lasting relationship with BESCOM and looks forward to cooperate with other utility distribution companies as well.

SATEL project deliveries are offered by the Radio Data Network Solutions business unit. For any inquiries contact VP Samuli Koro, director of business unit (

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