SATEL in solar power plants

Sunlight is one of the renewable energy resources. Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy and light to provide the heat, light, hot water and electricity. The process to produce electricity directly from sunlight is called photovoltaic (PV) effect. Photovoltaic (PV) systems produce clean, reliable energy without consuming fossil fuels.

As well as other electricity plants the solar power plants needs to be monitored also constantly. The solar power plants often locates far away from the control stations and therefore reliable wireless communication is needed between those. SATEL radio modems provides the solution for this need.

Photovoltaic power stations are popular in Spain and SATEL's local distributor SATEL Spain S.L. is very active on this field too.

SATEL Spain S.L. has announced a partnership with Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc.

“By partnering with Fat Spaniel, we can greatly increase the value we provide to our customers in the renewable energy industry,” said Javier de Elias, Managing Director of SATEL Spain. “As a global company, Fat Spaniel has committed the necessary resources to address regional differences while providing a standard platform for energy management that can introduce new levels of operational efficiency for our solar customers. Our partnership brings together the two important parts of the responsible energy equation - reliable data acquisition and in-depth analytics. Operators, project managers, solution integrators, and investors will gain increased visibility over their operations, and will be better equipped to meet their production goals.”

Based in San Jose, California, Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. is the leading independent provider of management and information services to the renewable energy industry.

More information of the partnership:

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