SATEL launches SATELLAR Digital System

The world’s first radio modem with internet access and a Linux application platform

SATEL is proud to introduce SATELLAR Digital System, a smart radio modem combining TCP/IP -functionalities, a Linux platform for customer specific applications, and a versatile modular structure. This new product takes the radio modem industry to a completely new level. Whereas radio modems have conventionally been used to simply convey data, SATELLAR can do a lot more. The central unit, one of SATELLAR’s modular units, is essentially a computer with sufficient processing power and memory to run sophisticated software applications in addition to the operating system, IP-router, and web configuration server.

SATEL radio modems have been reputable for their reliability to transfer data wirelessly in critical systems. Now we are able to go much further and provide an environment for developing the exactly right applications our customers need for their systems. Fewer devices are needed on site, which means that costs and complexity may be lowered without compromising functionality.

In addition to bringing new unforeseen features to the radio modem market, the performance of the radio itself has been improved. In addition to improving the RF sensitivity, the tuning range has been broadened to 20 MHz. Also, advanced features such as over-the-air software updating have been developed.

Modularity is another aspect in which SATELLAR brings a paradigm shift to the radio modem industry. The SATELLAR digital system offers different units – building blocks – that can be combined to construct a radio modem with the right functionalities for the specific location in question. The radio unit, which is the basic building block, can alone be used to access RS-232 based devices, for example, or act as a radio repeater. The central unit, with its TCP/IP -capabilities and a Linux platform, can be added to locations where more functionality is useful. Furthermore, it is possible to add standard or customer-specific expansion units – even after the initial deployment, as an update.

More information of the SATELLAR and its availability is available by contacting your nearest SATEL distributor.


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