SATEL Oy distribution in Germany today

Starting from the 1st of September 2006 WELOTEC GmbH is the only distributor SATEL Oy has in Germany. They are the only official SATEL representative in Germany and they should be contacted when ever you need any SATEL products in Germany.

All agreements with SATEL Deutschland GmbH&KG and Degetel GmbH have been thus terminated and they have become invalid. Please be aware that these companies are not allowed to act in any way under SATEL Oy´s name or on behalf of SATEL Oy. This includes the domains like and which are today governed by WELOTEC GmbH.

If you need to get service for SATEL modems please contact WELOTEC GmbH with all your questions.

Concerning the pricing of SATEL products in Germany we are happy to inform you that the list prices have finally come to the same level as in other EU countries. Now you get the same prices as elsewhere in Europe together with first class support from our partner WELOTEC GmbH.

Our sincere goal and target is always to develop our products and also services both in the main company in Finland and even more so among our local distributors. For our customers this is surely now happening also in Germany as it is happening all over the world all the time.

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