SATEL staff at Le Mans 24 hours roller competition

SATEL Oy is actively supporting its staff's sport hobbies. One of the supporting target this year has been the Nordic Le Mans -team.

Norder Le Mans -team took part to the 24 hours roller competition that was held on 28th to 29th of June 2008 at Le Mans France.

Nordic Le Mans team ranked 2nd in Master series and the over all result was 13 of all teams. Average speed of the team was 32.6 km/h and total laps 186. Congratulations!


The Nordic Le Mans -team from the left, bottom line: Esa Klaavu, Esa Kymäläinen, Anneli Kymäläinen, Olli Sjö
and Jaakko Ajanki.
From the left, middle: Risto Laitinen, JP Huippula, Tiit Idarand (Coach) and Esa Lottanen.
From the left, top line: Juha Heikkilä and Juha Ruokonen.
Juha Heikkilä and Jaakko Ajanki both work for SATEL Oy.
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