SatelSafe, Alarm monitoring software

In order to help the monitoring of the SATELCODE 8i and SATELNODE X8S systems we are happy to launch new PC-software: "SatelSafe Alarm monitoring software".

By using this software customer can easily monitor small or large alarm systems. The SatelSafe window shows the state of the alarm sensors connected to the SATELCODE 8i -transmitter, each transmitter has eight alarm loops. All transmitters can be separately configured. By connecting a GSM-modem to the monitoring PC, the alarms can also activate an SMS-message to be sent to a GSM mobile phone.

Please find enclosed the user guide for SatelSafe. In order to view this document you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. The SatelSafe PC-software is available at Support and downloads -area of this web site.

Satel Safe, user guide (in pdf format)

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