Unmanned bus service in Spain uses SATELLINE modems for positioning

The Technology Park of San Sebastian (Spain) has a groundbreaking project for passenger transport. Three automated electric vehicles are used to transport passengers in the park.

All the three buses operating in the Technology Park of San Sebastián are equipped with advanced communications and with a guided positioning system. The high precision of the system is given by Satel radio modems.

In the city of Donostia – San Sebastián – has the first unmanned bus transport service. This is the first prototype in the whole country of an unmanned vehicle intended for public transport. It is an innovative experiment that will be running for the next three months in the Science and Technology Park of Miramon.

These smart vehicles are equipped with advanced communications and positioning systems that include high-precision guiding. The buses are connected to a control center that tracks their itineraries in real time and gives specific instructions for each one. They are also equipped with radars to detect the obstacles.

All this has been made possible by SATELLINE radio modems that provide a high-precision control of the position of the vehicles. The private data network operates independently, outside of public operator networks. This gives the system needed reliability, latency and precision.

Sources: http://www.satelspain.es/comunicacion/satel-spain-participa-en-el-proyecto-del-primer-prototipo-de-autobus-automatizado/


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