Volvo is controlled via SATEL modem

In the Volvo Life 2 / 2011 -magazine is an article about Volvo's top-secret test track outside Borås, Sweden. An automated Volvo C30 is run by a robot with the help of SATEL radio modem and guided by GPS signals. See the article, in Swedish, here.

Volvo’s test track is used to make complex measurements. These measurements form the basis for checking the accuracy of the chassis and steering. Thanks to an advanced system based on differential GPS and radio modem, Volvo is driving the same route over and over again without a break or rest. The process is completely automated and driving program is repeated multiple times.

"DGPS signal is received by a radio modem, which then sends the programmed route to three robots - one for steering, one for braking and one for acceleration".

At Volvo's international website is a video of how it looks in reality. See the video Look, No Hands! here.


This information is published with the permission of Volvo Life.


More information by contacting Induo AB, SATEL's distributor in Sweden, tel. +46 8 659 43 00.

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