SATEL NMS PC software

The versatile Network Management System (NMS) software provided with the SATELLINE-3AS NMS and VHF modems greatly extends the modem's functionality. The software runs on a PC connected to a node which is configured as a master station. NMS provides a comprehensive suite of functions for both creating and managing radio modem networks, including the graphical design of topology and message routing or repeater functions, remote modification of settings, and logging and trending of field data.

Powerful diagnostic reporting facilities are also included, providing access to the SATELLINE modem's built-in reliability monitoring functionality. These include RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), indication of the power source voltage level, and internal temperature. In conjunction with NMS's monitoring and data logging capability, these features allows users to both anticipate and deal with many potential service issues efficiently - for example by changing message routing and scheduling maintenance or inspection to take place during planned site visits.

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