Smart radio modems

SATELLAR XT 5RC is a digital radio modem for serial and IP data networking in UHF frequencies. It provides a reliable data connectivity for applications that require stability, high availability, and long range. It supports low latency networking and has easy remote management with intuitive user interface. This makes SATELLAR XT 5RC a noteworthy choice for Industrial Internet and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

SATELLAR Digital system is an excellent primary data transfer system for applications that require long-range connections and privately owned networks. It also provides an excellent technology for back-up routing; the intelligence to automatic switchover is included in the SATELLAR system.

The SATELLAR Digital system consists of two separate modules; a radio unit and central unit. The radio unit can be used as a serial data radio modem and as a repeater in packet routing networks. When central unit is added to the radio unit, full TCP/IP functionality is obtained.  Features known from previous SATELLAR versions such as remote monitoring & management, SNMP, NTP, data compression and serial data encapsulation are still there to provide a complete digital solution that takes into account all data transfer scenarios.

A radio unit for standard RS-connection
320 ... 520 MHz
RS-232, RS-485/422
5 W
A digital radio router for serial and IP data networks
320...520 MHz
RS-232, RS-485/422, ETH
5 W

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