SATEL NMS PC software

Manage your network

The SATEL Network Management System (NMS) software extends the radio modems’ functionality and gives you a lot of benefits. You can get the SATEL NMS with the SATELLINE-3AS NMS and VHF modems.

The software provides useful functions for both creating and managing radio modem networks:

  • The graphical design of topology
  • Message routing
  • Repeater functions
  • Remote modification of settings
  • Logging and trending of field data
  • Powerful diagnostic reporting facilities

Powerful diagnostic reporting facilities provide access to the SATELLINE modem’s built-in reliability monitoring functionality. These include RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), indication of the power source voltage level, and internal temperature.


NMS benefits your business

NMS allows users to both anticipate and deal with many potential service issues efficiently, for example by changing message routing and scheduling maintenance or inspection to take place during planned site visits.

  • Enhanced reliability, through advance indication of anticipated faults and failures
  • Reduced configuration and maintenance costs through remote configuration
  • Efficient network development tool
  • Flexibility in adapting to customer protocols and applications

The software runs on a PC connected to a node, which is configured as a master station.