The SATELLINE-3AS Epic NMS exhibits a high power (10 W) transmitter and two receivers operated in a Diversity Reception mode. The Diversity Reception improves the reliability of the connection where there is a lot of signal fading caused by reflections. The high output power and the Diversity Reception make it possible to more than double the connection distances in comparison to ordinary SATELLINE-3AS NMS radio modems with 1 W output power.

The remotely manageable SATELLINE-3AS Epic NMS offers configuration through radio, efficient diagnostics tools and accumulation of operation statistics data, in addition to ordinary communication functions. The management and surveillance of a network of 3AS Epic NMS radio modems is effected through the Master Station connected by a serial interface to a PC with dedicated Network Management software.

The 3AS Epic NMS radio modems monitor, on a continuous basis, the condition of the radio connection, in particular the strength of the signal (RSSI) and the voltage level of the power source as well as the inside temperature of the modem. The information is transmitted to the SATEL NMS PC, where it is stored and displayed as logs and trend data.
A SATELLINE-3AS Epic NMS network consists of remotely adjustable radio modems operated in a polling mode and controlled through the Master Station by dedicated SATEL NMS software. The SATEL NMS software provides the user with a powerful graphical tool for designing a radio network, which ensures that each NMS radio modem receives and transfers only the messages intended for it, and that each message is appropriately routed, using repeaters where necessary.

The user data and NMS information are transferred seamlessly together. The Network Management System is compatible with most user protocols, making the NMS network suitable for a wide range of applications.

Available models and product order codes:

  • SATELLINE-3AS Epic NMS (YM3010) without display and cooling part
  • SATELLINE-3ASd Epic NMS (YM3011) with display, but without cooling part
  • SATELLINE-3AS Epic C NMS (YM3012) without display, but with cooling part
  • SATELLINE-3ASd Epic C NMS (YM3013) with display and cooling part

Technical specifications

Frequency range 330 … 470 MHz
Tuning range ± 2 MHz from central freq.
Channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz fixed
Sensitivity/Carrier power -115 dBm / 10 W
Interface RS-232, 422, 485
Data speed Radio 19200 / RS 38400 bps
Operating voltage +11.8 … +30 VDC
Power consumption RX 1.6 W / TX 36 W
Size/Weight 154 x 123 x 29 mm / 580 g | 154 x 151 x 77 mm / 1480 g
Connectors D15 / TNC female

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