SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 transceiver module provides you a compact, flexible and lightweight solution. SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 is ready to use on the Pan-European licence free 869 MHz channels with default settings. It is allocated for narrowband telemetry, alarm and data transfer applications. 

SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 is HW compatible with SATELLINE-EASy 869 modems. Programmable 0.5 W output power and 25 kHz channel width ensures a successful connection. 

The small current consumption and lightweight design makes this module an excellent choise for applications that require long range distances. 

SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 can be supplied without a housing as a small-size module or in an aluminium housing. Customers can also specify the interface connectror to be D15 female, 26-pin male strip or 26-pin female socket. The antenna connector can be TNC, SMA, MCX or MMCX. The applicable serial interfaces for TR1 869 are RS-232, RS-422, LVTTL or TTL.

Available model and product order code:

  • SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 (YM6301)

Technical specifications

Frequency range 869.400 ... 869.650 MHz
Tuning range 0.25 MHz
Channel spacing 25 kHz fixed
Sensitivity/Carrier power -111 dBm / 0.5 W
Interface Port1: RS-232 Port2: LVTTL, TTL, RS-232/422
Data speed 19200 bps
Operating voltage +6 ... +30 Vdc
Power consumption <1.2 W (RX), <3.8 W (TX)
Size/Weight 88 x 49 x 9 mm / 50 g

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