Clean water for Finns and the environment

Effective and safe water supply is extremely important for all of us.
Insta is a market leader in Finland in water supply automation:
three million Finns live in areas covered by automation systems delivered by Insta. SATEL radio modems are often used to transfer measurement and control data in these automation systems.

Household water must be clean and healthy and meet the set quality requirements. The production of high-quality and safe water requires a functioning infrastructure, trouble- free operation and a high level of safety.

To be able to secure water supply for residents and businesses, problem areas in the water

supply network must be able to be located and repaired quickly. Insta is a strong supplier and maintainer of automation and digitalization for the production and distribution of high-quality household water and for the pumping and treatment of wastewater.

Accurate measurement and monitoring data

Insta has been using SATEL‘s radio modems for transferring measurement data in the automation systems of water supply plants for a long time. The solution transmits monitoring data from various sources, such as pressure, flow and level, via radio directly to the existing automation system.

One of the main reasons for using SATEL’s radio technology is reliability. The radio data network operates independently of public operators’ network, which means that it is not affected by any interruption in them. The advantage of radio communication is also the affordability of data transmission, long (up to tens of kilometers) distances and data security. Radio technology can be equipped with battery backups – the devices remain functional for several days in case of a power cut.

Sustainable operations for common good

Many water supply plants in Finland operate in accordance with the UN’s sustainable development goals, considering environmental friendliness, operational reliability and the life cycle of operations. They strive to clean their wastewater very effectively, so that, for example, there is
less runoff into the Baltic Sea. Functional and reliable connections in water supply operations also promote the goals of sustainable development and contribute to environmental protection.