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L3Harris ASV

From ship to shore

Challenging conditions set high standards for data transfer. One application that takes this up a notch is marine target drones. L3Harris ASV is the leading supplier of unmanned and autonomous marine systems. The central factor in their solutions is meeting customers’ mission-critical needs. The company uses SATEL radios in their C-Target high-speed marine target drones.

C-Targets are lightweight and highly maneuverable marine targets used for naval training and platform trials, ship command and control assessments, and also surface-surface and air-surface applications. C-Targets are currently in operation in the UK, Singapore and South Korea.


Safe, efficient and reliable

C-Target range has a variety of vessel sizes with proven capability for test and training. They can be used as a direct fire target or as a tow boat for inflatable targets or other small craft. The vehicles can also be customized to resemble specific craft.

  • A range of target drones from 1–13 meters in size
  • Realistic high speed threat emulation
  • Remote operation through direct control or programmable console
  • Manned and unmanned operation
  • Can operate individually or as part of a swarm

Target drones are operated by ASView-T Control System. The system comprises of the core vessel system, base server, bridge operator user interface and helm remote controller. SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W UHF radios are used as a ship-to-shore communications link. SATEL radios provide command and control information to the C-Targets and relay positional and telemetry data back to the remote operator. The range with SATEL radios goes beyond 10 kilometers.

Images: L3Harris Technologies ‘C-Target’ Marine Target Drones


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