E.ON Kainuun Sähköverkko

Reliability is the key in electricity transmission


Finnish energy company E.ON Kainuun Sähköverkko Oy wanted a reliable expert partner for the data transmission of its remote-controlled disconnector stations. The company chose SATEL.

E.ON Kainuun Sähköverkko Oy is engaged in the planning, construction, use and maintenance of electricity networks and in the purchase of related services. The company is also responsible for electricity transmission in the municipalities of Kainuu and Pyhäntä and in the new Siikalatva municipality in North Ostrobothnia.

The company wanted to replace the old radio transmission technology with an efficient, modern solution. It was also seeking easily PC-programmable equipment to help in building a routable radio network. The radio network management was particularly important.



Efficient equipment for every need

SATELLINE radio modems helped in achieving the objectives of the network changes. Efficient data transmission is now handled by over 100 outdoor-compliant, high transmission power SATELLINE radio modems, and by nearly 100 SATELLINE-3AS NMS radio modems controlled via an NMS network management program. The excellent working relationship between the companies was later also extended to switching stations.

Now data on the state, measurement and control of the disconnector and switching stations are transferred efficiently in a distribution management system, using the IEC 870-5-101 protocol. An effective solution was also found for power plant needs. Lake surface level measurement data is transferred easily to the power station’s logic controller using a SATEL I-LINK.


Remote management brings savings

E.ON Kainuun Sähköverkko Oy is particularly satisfied with the remote management features of SATEL’s NMS network. The state of the radio network is easy to monitor, and possible problems are detected quickly. The Kainuu electricity network extends over long distances, so remote management also brings savings in work time and travel costs.

The reliability of SATEL’s technology is tried and tested. This brings certainty to network and production management, and the equipment’s easy connectivity with the remote management system is a clear advantage. In future, the intention is to expand in the direction of the NMS network.

E.ON Kainuun Sähköverkko Oy is now, after a corporate acquisition, called Loiste Energia Oy.