TIGEM is a national organization that provides food for people and livestock. Dry climate, location and distances, dependency on irrigation and the vulnerability of the technology set special demands for cultivation. SATEL provided TIGEM with a large SATELLAR IP radio router network for their irrigation system through a local distributor BILKO AS.

The wide cultivation area owned by the Turkish government is located in a very dry area that requires regular irrigation. The irrigation system is controlled and adjusted from a control centre. The irrigation in this area is done with 90 irrigation wings, with a wing being 500 metres long. SATEL delivered a master station, a repeater and 84 substations that are used in the irrigation wings.

Continuous control

Control centre collects data about the operations and controls the system continuously. The irrigation wings handle communications from the middle to the other end of the wing with radio technology. A sensor tells the position of the wing and adjusts the water pressure based on the shape of the terrain.

All this information is delivered to the control centre via smart SATELLAR IP radio routers, which are the core of the SATEL XPRS solution.

Operations handled by IP radio routers

SATEL casestory Tigem

  • Managing the shutdown of pumps and irrigations wings
  • Adjusting the rotation speed and direction of the irrigation wings
  • Adjusting the water pressure in the irrigation wings
  • Adjusting the amount of water
  • Monitoring the amount of fertilisers

Minimizing interference

Remote monitoring and controlling is easy with SATELLAR IP radio router network. The system ensures that the operation can be proactive.
Benefits of using SATEL XPRS solution

  • Recognizing the risks and malfunctions in real time
  • Adjusting the system in case of a malfunction, ensuring functionality
  • Protecting the production and investment
  • Reducing the damage and costs caused by interruptions
  • Optimizing the operation and recovery from malfunction

Reliability, real-time mission-critical connectivity and easy expansion of the system as well as dedicated service and support are among the reasons for choosing SATEL as a technology partner.

SATEL casestory Tigem