Innovations and reliability for seismic surveys

Marine environment sets high demands for the equipment and data transfer. The equipment needs to be robust and reliable. This is one of the reasons why Norwegian company Satpos has chosen SATEL as their partner. Satpos concentrates on the cutting edge technology mainly for the oil, gas and maritime industries.

Satpos has a long history in development of electronics mainly for the marine seismic market and is now one of the leading providers of radio and satellite systems for high accuracy tracking and precision solutions for the harsh marine conditions.

Loaded with reliability andreputation

Satpos has chosen to work with SATEL for many reasons. Many of their customers are already using SATEL radio modems in oil and gas sector. SATEL has a great reputation and the technology is well-known. Satpos uses SATELLINE-EASy radio modems, because they are flexible and their performance and stability are good.

SATELLINE-EASy radio modems are used in the CITIUS System, which is a robust and reliable precision tracking system for RGNSS (RGPS) applications. The CITIUS System is used in seismic source positioning, buoy positioning and heading an attitude monitoring. It is designed to withstand extreme shock, rough handling and harsh weather conditions. The radio technology has to match with these demands.

Tail buoy is the end position of the streamer that collects the data. The Citius on the tail buoy sends the relative position of the tailbouy to the vessel.


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