SATELLINE-EASy 869 is a high frequency version of the SATELLINE-EASy modem. SATELINE-EASy 869 uses the Pan-European licence free frequency band 869.400 ... 869.650 MHz and it is a ready to use radio modem with default settings. Output power is adjustable between 10 mW and 0.5 W and it has ten separate 25 kHz channels.

SATELLINE-EASy 869 can be equipped with a LCD and push buttons for facilitating easy configuration of the radio modem. LCD can be used also to monitor the signal strength (RSSI) and the voltage of the power supply.

Routing / repeater functions of SATELLINE-EASy 869 are useful when creating networks with long connection distances.

SATELLINE-EASy 869 is compatible with SATELLINE-M3-TR1 869 module.

Available models and product order codes:

  • SATELLINE-EASy 869 (YM6501) without display
  • SATELLINE-EASy 869 (YM6551) with display

Technical specifications

Frequency range 869.4125 ... 869.6375 MHz
Tuning range 10 channels
Channel spacing 25 kHz fixed
Sensitivity/Carrier power -111 dBm / 0.5 W
Interface Port1: RS-232 Port2: LVTTL, TTL, RS-232/422
Data speed 19200 bps
Operating voltage +6 ... +30 Vdc
Power consumption RX <1.2 W / TX <3.8 W
Size/Weight 139 x 67 x 29 mm / 250 g
Connectors D15 / TNC female

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