Real-time data from remote locations


Telemetry – need for a real-time data from remote locations.

The solution:

SATEL’s radio networking technology

SATEL’s solutions provide real-time data from remote locations, and improve efficiency and safety in telemetry applications. High-quality radio technology is reliable even in the most difficult environments, such as hot desert or icy arctic conditions.

Telemetry refers to the process of collecting and transmitting data from remote or inaccessible sources to a central location for monitoring, analysis, and decision-making. This data can include various measurements, such as temperature, pressure, speed, location, or any other relevant parameter depending on the application.

SATEL radios are used to transmit the collected telemetry data to a central location in real-time. Once the data reaches the central location, it is processed, monitored, and analysed. This analysis can provide insights into the performance, condition, or behavior of the monitored system. The gathered telemetry data can be used to optimize processes and improve overall efficiency of the system.

SATEL radios are vital for example in mobile and temporary applications where remote sensing, control and safety are essential. The high-quality radios are reliable, even in the most difficult environments, from the hot desert to icy polar conditions.

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Examples of telemetry systems with SATEL products:

  • Motor sports: Real-time tracking of race cars and transmitting the gathered data for analysis.
  • Sports: Transmitting interim information from remote locations to competition centre for example in orienteering competitions.
  • Industrial automation: To monitor equipment and ensure the efficient operation of manufacturing facilities.
  • Camera control: Remote monitoring and controlling cameras in temporary installations for example in concerts and sport events.

In summary, telemetry plays a vital role in various industries by providing real-time data from remote locations, improving efficiency, and enhancing safety and reliability.

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