Benefit from our

Network Design Center

Are you unsure how to design your wireless data transfer network? Is your system complicated? Are you new in using the wireless radio data modems? Or do you have some other issue related to radio modem networks? Our Network Design Center helps you in designing a reliable, efficient and trouble-free wireless data transfer network.


Expert in designing wireless data transfer networks


Your network design service can include for example:

  • A budgetary price to start with so you can estimate the overall expenses for your project. This would be based on your description of the system.
  • Propagation measurements at site to ensure that the system will work properly.
  • Actual design of the network based on the measurements.
  • Binding offer for the whole radio network including the radios, antennas with cables, data cables, connectors needed etc.
  • Delivery of the high quality products in a short time due to our own production.
  • Installation of the radio network as an option together with our local distributor.
  • Testing of the system after installation including training of your staff.
  • Handing over the network to you.
  • A guarantee

The fastest way to get support is to contact your local distributor. They are close and able to communicate with you in your own language. However, if they do not have the resources or application specific know-how, we here at SATEL are prepared to assist them and you as well.

Ask more by sending email directly to or contact us or our local distributor.