Real-time wireless data transfer

Radio technology ensures reliable communications

SATEL offers radio technology solutions for both short-range and long-range communication. Radio technology is typically used in mission-critical applications where reliability and latency of the data transfer are essential to the operating system. It provides the means to transfer data over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint link.

Independent and flexible technology

SATEL is the world’s leading expert and innovator in wireless networking technology. We design, manufacture and offer high quality connectivity solutions that enable secure, mission-critical connections, utilizing the best characteristics of each technology for real-life use-cases. You can create your own independent network that has no surprising data transfer costs or use mobile radio network. However, you can also use your independent network as a backup solution for your mobile, fiber optic or satellite network. Sometimes co-operation with adjacent technologies enables utilizing the best characteristics of each technology. 

Quality  High quality radio technology for mission-critical communications

Distance icon Short and long-range solutions

Antenna icon Licence free and licenced UHF and VHF frequencies

Operation range up to 100 km

The operation range of our radio technology varies depending on the transmission power, antenna gain and mast height and environment. In rural areas a 1 W radio modem with a line-of-sight radio link may range over 20 km and even up to 50 km in ideal environments. In dense metropolitan areas, a corresponding range may vary from several kilometers to over 10 km. With a 35 W radio modem, a range of up to 100 km can be reached. By using a radio modem as a repeater station, much broader areas can be covered.

Our radio technology products are type approved globally. They are also widely compatible and also support other manufacturers’ radio protocols. We will also be developing the compatibility features according to your needs.

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  • Products

    Mission-Critical Connectivity Units

    SATEL’s Mission-Critical Connectivity Unit (MCCU) platform is designed to resolve connectivity challenges in harsh environments globally. MCCU solutions offer robust, reliable, and fit-to-purpose quality with easy activation and usage and operations are supported globally.

    Mission-critical connectivity is our expertise. We are happy to help you to find products that suit your needs the best, keeping in mind the right frequency ranges, compatibility with other system providers and operating environment.

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  • Products

    SATEL XPRS® Solution

    Mission-critical connectivity solutions for mission-critical systems. SATEL’s XPRS® Solution meets the hard requirements for connectivity, reliability, and security vital to mission-critical communication.

    Our XPRS® Solution has high availability in all conditions, long-range connectivity, and error-free deployment. It is based on private radio networking technology, but also includes the option of complementing the system with cellular technology.

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  • Products

    Serial Radios

    SATEL radio technology provides secure, mission-critical connections through accurate real-time data transfer. In malfunction situations it enables quick reactions and remote restoration. Our radio products are easy and fast to implement and use, and they have low life cycle costs. The solutions are also expandable.

    We also offer radio modules to be integrated into manufacturers’ devices. The integration is made as easy as possible. The mechanical fastening, interface and antenna connector types can be customized.

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  • Products


    SATEL’s Software includes different kind of software for configuring, reprogramming, testing, and diagnosing SATEL devices.

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  • Products


    SATEL's accessories include antennas for IP radio routers and radio modems, RF and interface cables, interface adapters, adapter cables and power supplies. We have ensured the quality by using the same trusted Finnish manufacturer for years.

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