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If you love solving intriguing challenges, want to do meaningful work in a sustainable way and have fun while doing it, you might be a Satelian at heart. We are the world’s leading expert and innovator in wireless networking technology. Human-sized company of worldwide opportunities to solve global challenges.

Unexpected Connections

SATEL is a place where you are allowed to dream big. In fact, we expect you to. Dreaming big has taken us from Finland to the top of the world in our field. In here, everyone has a freedom to develop. We are a company of surprising opposites that complement each other. These unexpected connections are a great platform for the growth of wide-ranging expertise.
All functions in one place, SATEL offers a unique cross-section of product development from research and design to manufacturing and sales.

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SATEL enables you to develop your own skills.

“The best thing about my job is flexibility, and I enjoy its variability and the opportunity to develop operating methods. I like to solve problems and find ways to improve the quality of work and products. I have extensive experience at SATEL, and I can recommend it as a workplace where it is possible to develop one's own skills, if one has the desire and ability to do so.

As the products are constantly developing and the requirements are increasing, the relevance of one's own work and the requirements are also increasing, so that the products can be made as high-quality as possible, all the way to the customer.

The work atmosphere is relaxed, but everyone must take responsibility for their own work and be willing to learn continuously. My job title is SMT Service & Support, but my duties also include monthly maintenance of surface mount devices and troubleshooting. In addition, I work as an IPC quality expert, for which I have also received training.”

Ilari Koivusalo, SMT Service & Support, IPC Expert

We are a significant partner for big players worldwide.

“I am a long-term Satelian, I have been working here for more than 20 years. I am responsible for marketing and producing events, and I help with domestic sales. My working days are quite different and varied, the best thing is organizing a successful event and, of course, super nice coworkers. 

SATEL is a work community where everyone's personal contribution matters, here no one is just a cog in the wheel. Everyone, including management, is approachable and help is always available if needed. Free time is respected, and the possibility of remote work brings flexibility. 

I am proud that we, operating from the small town of Salo, are a significant partner for large players worldwide.” 

Arja Vainio, Sales and Event Coordinator 

The best thing about my job is learning new things.

“I came to work at SATEL straight from school, having just graduated as an electronics engineer. As a Purchasing Engineer, I cooperate with various suppliers. Factory visits and getting to know different manufacturing processes are interesting, especially visiting Chinese factories and getting to know circuit board production was memorable.

The best thing about my job is that you get to learn about different manufacturing methods, such as making an RF shield with a line cutter or 3D printing. SATEL supports staff training and here you can influence your own professional development. The work atmosphere is relaxed, I plan to make my colleagues happy by wearing different Christmas sweaters from the first day of December until the eve.”

Jarno Vaajapuro, Purchasing Engineer

World-class products that enable sustainable development.

“I have worked as SATEL's Quality Manager for a few years. I appreciate working together and developing new things. I am proud of our world-class products that have a small carbon footprint enabling customers to promote sustainability.

You can be yourself here and feel valued. Independence and initiative are also appreciated. As an employer, SATEL offers good work equipment and occupational health services and encourages training. I enjoy customer co-operation; together we can make a greener future! ”

Jonna Nyyssönen, Quality Manager and Sustainability Ambassador

Combining work and free time is effortless.

“I have worked at SATEL as a production operator since 2007. I assemble and test products, sometimes I also pack and receive goods. The best part of my job is hand-assembling complex devices with a lot of tinkering and soldering. At SATEL, I like the opportunity to work during the day with flexible working hours. Vacation times can be chosen quite freely and working hours are flexible as needed. Combining work and free time is effortless.”

Marjo Toivonen, Production Operator

Welcome aboard to solve intriguing challenges!

“With the help of SATEL’s technology, big things are done worldwide that have a positive environmental impact. The products are used in many applications that can, for example, help reduce CO2 emissions, improve the efficiency of infrastructure construction, and optimize energy use. More than 90 % of our customers are international and we are proud to be the trusted supplier of demanding connectivity solutions for the leading globally operating companies in our target markets.

Our product development is staffed by a dedicated group of people who love solving challenges. Now we are investing especially in mission-critical machine control. This application area has brought interesting opportunities for SATEL in the field of wireless connectivity; responding to customer needs requires combining smartly several different connectivity technologies.”

Markus Kantola, CEO

I enjoy self-scheduled working.

“I’m a System Architect and I enjoy the opportunity to work self-scheduled due to the nature of my duties. Enabler for this is SATEL’s trust in their employees and the low hierarchy of a rather small organization. The best thing in my daily work is the opportunity to work at the forefront of Finnish technology with colleagues from SATEL and other organizations.

I don’t live close to SATEL’s head quarter in Salo, but thanks to SATEL, I’m able to work mostly remotely. This gives me the possibility to use my time efficiently and leaves me more time for off-duty activities with family and kids in their hobby activities.”

Petri Hyvärinen, System Architect

Work is challenging but rewarding.

“I am a software designer and lead various product projects as a Chief Engineer in product development. Even though my job description has been the same all along, the jobs have been very varied. The responsibility has grown along with the work. At first, I programmed simple entities, in recent years I have been the main designer of several products.

I have never experienced unfairness from the employer, on the contrary, SATEL tries its best to take care of the employees. The work is challenging but rewarding. The best thing is when you can make a large customer project work with your own solution. I have learned a lot about programming and radio technology, even though I had almost 10 years of work experience in the field before SATEL.”

Sampo Pitkänen, Chief Engineer

Our company culture

We see you

SATEL is a place where everyone’s contribution matters. We work as a team, but we see the humans and value individuality. Happy employees are vital to any successful business be it our own or our clients.  

We are flexible

We are a warm, family-like community, but we don't expect you to live here. We value work-life balance, and we are flexible as needed. We are a fair employer.

Our ceiling is high

We are a horizontal organisation with an international horizon. The ceiling and ambition here is high, so come as you are, we have room and support for your professional growth.

Perks and benefits


We are a domestic and trustworthy employer with global business and opportunities.


We have a wealth of experience and skills that can add great value to your personal development.


Work is versatile and job roles are wide-ranging: you gain experience from various industries and solve relevant international challenges with your expertise.


We offer broad health insurance, sports and cultural vouchers and bicycle benefit.


We value work-life balance and enable remote work when possible.


We are a long-term company with exceptionally long employment relationships.

Open positions


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This is what we do

SATEL is the world’s leading expert and innovator in wireless networking technology. We design, manufacture and offer high quality connectivity solutions that enable secure, mission-critical connections, utilizing the best characteristics of each technology for real-life use-cases.

PD AeroSpace

PD AeroSpace (PDAS) develops suborbital space planes for commercial space tourism and is determined to make space more accessible. SATEL serial radios are used for transmitting critical commands from Ground Control Station to a flying vehicle in a testing site called Spaceport. Pretty cool use case of our radio technology, right?

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Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous navigation systems and uncrewed platforms,
and enables access to the ocean space through autonomy and remote operations. The company develops and delivers products and services for a wide range of maritime operations, including marine mapping and surveying, oceanographic data acquisition, transportation and maritime surveillance and inspection.

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L5 Navigation

L5 Navigation develops and resells positioning solutions for Machine Control, Surveying, and other kinds of GNSS/RTK applications – from 3D Excavator systems to handheld GPS receivers. SATEL radio modems are a trustworthy part of L5 Navigation’s Machine Control solutions.

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