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Our solutions are used globally in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Machine Control

    Machine control improves the quality of work, increases safety and brings environmental benefits. SATEL´s technology is used worldwide.


    Accurate radio technology for land surveying, mapping, location-based services, precision farming, space, maritime, machine control and mining.

    SCADA - Utilities

    Mission-critical communications solutions for electricity distribution, gas utilities, waterworks, wastewater treatment, windmills and district heating.

    Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental monitoring protects environment, people and operations. Reliable data transfer is crucial in work environments affected by weather.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Radio technology is utilized in remote-controlled traffic signs, traffic light priority, passenger information, AVL and real-time weather updates.

    Industrial Internet

    Strict requirements for connectivity, reliability and security in Industrial Internet can be met with radio technology.


    Secure real-time data communications for coastal manoeuvres, docking and maritime weather and environmental monitoring, metering and alert systems.


    Real-time data from remote locations. High-quality radio technology is reliable even in the most difficult environments, such as hot desert or icy arctic conditions.

Customer References

  • Maritime Robotics

    Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous navigation systems and uncrewed platforms,
    and enables access to the ocean space through autonomy and remote operations. The company develops and delivers products and services for a wide range of maritime operations, including marine mapping and surveying, oceanographic data acquisition, transportation and maritime surveillance and inspection.

    L5 Navigation

    L5 Navigation develops and resells positioning solutions for Machine Control, Surveying, and other kinds of GNSS/RTK applications – from 3D Excavator systems to handheld GPS receivers. SATEL radio modems are a trustworthy part of L5 Navigation’s Machine Control solutions.


    UCadMet network provides meteorological observations in an area of the world where there are very few scientific observations despite the great importance of the meteorological phenomena that occur there. UCadMet is a joint meteorological network of The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD) in the heart of Sahel region in Africa. Robust SATEL serial radio modems transmit data in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Bursagaz

    Bursagaz manages the gas distribution for the city of Bursa with close to two million people. SATEL designed and produced the wireless data transfer network for their SCADA distribution automation system.


    Satpos concentrates on the cutting edge technology for the oil, gas and maritime industries. SATEL was their choice, because marine environment sets high demands for the equipment and data transfer.

    SmartRadioNet GmbH

    SmartRadioNet GmbH is operating five independent radio communication networks in Bavaria. The max. distance between network stations is 141 km and the delta of elevation is 1400 m. They chose SATEL XPRS.

  • Turflynx

    A Portuguese company TURFLYNX makes mobile robots and information-based solutions for golf courses and other sports fields. They developed the first fully autonomous fairway mower TURFLYNX F315, and SATELLINE-EASy radio modems are used for acquiring location data.


    Novatron is focusing on earthmoving automation. Their systems improve productivity, safety, sustainability and the quality of work. SATEL has been their partner for 20 years.

Machine Control and Radio Technology

Machine control is used to accurately position machinery based on GNSS systems and 3D design models. It aids the operators and improves both efficiency and safety.  SATEL radio technology is used worldwide in machine control.

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Radio technology is a sustainable choice

Radio technology is used in many applications that help to make our planet more environmentally sustainable. Some examples are precision farming and optimized used of fertilizers and water, water utilities and controlling leaks and the quality of water, and intelligent transportation systems and reduced CO2 emissions.

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The Mission-Critical Communications Solution

SATEL XPRS takes mission-critical communications to the next level. It offers the most reliable long-range data connectivity and the highest availability under all circumstances. At the core of the solution is SATELLAR XT 5RC IP radio router.

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