Research is paramount for SATEL as a leading mission-critical connectivity technology provider; it fuels the evolution of communication networks ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation. Through ongoing research, we can develop more reliable, and secure high performance connectivity solutions, meeting the ever-growing demands of the industries.

Digitalization in autonomous work sites

Digitalization in autonomous work sites 


Future-proofed mission-critical machine control Automated and autonomous machines are an essential and growing part of smart work sites both on…

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sustainability promoting technology image

Sustainability promoting technology for autonomous infra construction


Research is paramount for SATEL as a leading off-highway mission-critical connectivity technology provider, as it fuels the evolution of communication…

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Mission-critical technology for safe underground mining


SATEL is the leading solution provider for mission-critical connectivity for off-highway vehicles. To stay at the top, we conduct research…

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IoT goes out to sea


IoT is strongly dependent on communication between the IoT devices and cloud services in Internet. The risk of possible problems in communication grows when the number of IoT devices increases to tens or hundreds of thousands. The situation becomes even more difficult offshore.

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