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SATEL's solutions provide real-time information on environmental conditions and help protect the environment, people and operations. Wireless radio technology is vital, for example, in flood, fire or drought situations.

Environmental Monitoring is used in monitoring and controlling environmental conditions such as the weather and air, soil and water quality. It is used in meteorological institutes, environmental assessments and when there is a risk that the environment might be or might get damaged. It is also crucial in many work environments that are affected by weather, e.g. aviation and offshore business. Environmental Monitoring gives important information and protects the environment, people and operations.


SATEL applications environmental monitoring


The solution:

SATEL’s radio networking technology


Wireless radio technology is one key aspect in Environmental Monitoring. With it come safety, operability and control. With SATEL’s solutions you can monitor weather conditions and get information for example in flood, fire or drought situation. They provide real-time information of environmental conditions without additional costs and with a minimum supervision. The usability and maintenance have always been a high priority in the design of SATEL’s radio technology.

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Examples of Environmental Monitoring systems with our products are:
  • Aviation: Data transfer in observing inconsistencies in the winds
  • Snow production: Communication between snow machines, weather stations, pumping stations and the control central computer
  • Pollution: Air quality data from measuring points to central station
  • Weather stations: Wind, temperature, humidity data from remote stations


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UCadMet network provides meteorological observations in an area of the world where there are very few scientific observations despite the great importance of the meteorological phenomena that occur there.

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Vaisala’s automated weather observing system helps pilots make critical decisions with real-time weather reports.

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Mount Everest

SATEL serial radio modems work even in extremely harsh conditions and this case story proves it at the latest.

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MOR Peru: Meteorological measurement system for extreme weather

Diversity of weather phenomena can be dangerous for airplanes during takeoff and landing and sets high standards for the products and services. Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation manages 32 airports in Peru. Their automatic weather stations use the SATEL radio modems.

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Finnish Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and services provider for many industrial applications. One of their solutions is an ice detection system for wind turbines. Labkotec’s ice detection system uses SATEL-LP radio modems and I/O units to transfer data.

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When the going gets cold, it gets really cold. Especially in Antarctica and Concordia Research Station. The weather stations there use SATELLINE-EASy radio modems. The harsh environment sets high standards for the products.

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Demaclenko has developed software called SNOWNet to monitor and control snow production. Communication between snow machines, weather stations, pumping stations and the control central computer is done wirelessly via SATELLINE radio modems.

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Sudden windshears or downdrafts are dangerous phenomena for aircraft during the takeoff and landing. Downdrafts typically arise in the tropics, and they have a connection to air accidents. At Bangkok airport SATEL radio modems are used in windshear alert system built by Vaisala.

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