Ultra-reliable radio technology securing your mission-critical business

SATEL’s wireless data communications solutions are used globally in wide range of industrial applications – from electricity distribution to windmills, from precision farming to port cranes, from weather stations to racing cars, from real-time passenger information to surveillance systems. The application possibilities are numerous.

Our radio networking technology is easy and fast for you to implement and use, and the life cycle costs are low. The utmost reliability of our technology means that your business runs smoothly in all circumstances and everywhere. The wireless network solutions are also expandable, flexible and secure.

SATEL’s global distribution network serves you locally in your own language. Our Network Design Service can help you in creating a professional network design with optimized radio and antenna parameters. Our technical support with fast reaction times is also at your service.


SATEL applications


Benefits of radio technology


Quality  High expertise and top quality

Easy use  Easy deployment and use

Independence  Independence

Security  Operational security

Cost savings  Low life cycle costs

Service & Support  Service and support

Global  Global distribution network

  • Applications

    Machine Control

    Machine control improves the quality of work, increases safety and brings environmental benefits. SATEL´s technology is used worldwide.

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  • Applications


    Global Navigation Satellite System is used for example in land surveying, mapping, location based services, precision farming, space applications, maritime and mining. Accuracy, continuity and availability are essential. SATEL’s radio technology is used both on its own and as integrated into measurement devices.

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  • Applications


    SCADA applications are used in electric and gas utilities, waterworks, windmills, wastewater treatment, district heating, manufacturing and production. These systems require a highly reliable monitoring and controlling network. SATEL’s radio technology ensures reliable, secure and independent data transfer.

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  • Applications

    Enviromental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring is all about getting crucial information and protecting the environment, people and operations. Wireless radio technology is one key aspect in this. With SATEL’s solutions you can monitor weather conditions and get reliable, real-time information for example in flood, fire or drought situation.

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  • Applications


    Remote-controlled traffic signs, traffic light priority, passenger information, automatic vehicle location and real-time weather updates… Operational communication is a major factor in traffic systems. SATEL’s wireless technology handles the data transfer efficiently in real time and under varying weather conditions and other disturbances.

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  • Applications


    Wireless data communications solutions are used globally in wide range of industrial applications: IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), marine, industrial automation, telemetry and so on. The application possibilities are countless. SATEL’s technology offers the utmost reliability, security and high availability. It is also easy and fast to implement and use.

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