24th - 25th Apr Düsseldorf, Germany

Connected Off-Highway Machines 2023

From Smart Sensors to Smart Systems
• Autonomous Mobile Machinery
• Cyber Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines
• Data-Driven Data-Driven Business and Technologies
• Wireless Connectivity for Vehicles
• Digital Solutions for Fleet Management

On April 24-25, 2023 8th international conference on “Connected Off-Highway Machines” will take place in Düsseldorf to discuss new technologies revolutionizing the industry. In the Off-Highway Industry mobile machines become increasingly connected and drive (semi-) autonomously already. They increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and making working conditions in harsh environments safer.

Heikki Keränen, Head of Technology at SATEL, is on stage on 25th of April 2023. Heikki’s presentation in a nutshell:

Learnings from the Field: 5G and WiFi as Wireless Connectivity for Off-Highway Machinery

  • Key differences of the technologies for the real-life implementation
  • Smart combination of the 5G/WIFi
  • Antenna setup for the connectivity
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