Power cables for SATELLINE / SATEL products

Power cables for SATELLINE-EASy Pro and SATEL Compact-Proof

C-P-35W 2m (YC0355)          

  • Power cable 2 m, ODU 4-pin male / 4 mm lab plugs                  

C-P-35W 3m (YC0353)          

  • Power cable 3 m, ODU 4-pin male / Alligator clip                                                   

C-P-SAE 35W-4pin   (YC0352)

  • Power cable 2m, ODU 4-pin male / SAE connector                  


Power Cables for SATEL Compact-4BT

DC / RS232 (YC0400)      

  • Cable 1 m, M12 / D9 female / 2.1 mm DC jack male

DC / USB (YC0401)      

  • Cable 1 m, M12 / USB A plug / 2.1 mm DC jack male


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