SATEL BT-RS232 Adapter

SATEL BT-RS232 is an IP66-rated robust and waterproof Bluetooth to RS-232 serial port adapter.

SATEL BT-RS232 is equipped with long range Bluetooth 2.1, that offers connection distances upto 400 meters.

Radio’s integrated antenna saves space and makes it possible to install the adapter into a tight installation place.

SATEL BT-RS232 offers a compact and easily integrable solution for devices that needs to communicate without a cable connections.

The radio module of SATEL BT-RS232 is accessed through an UART interface, which makes the programming easy. Product offers also optional GPIO interface for the future needs.

The power consumption of SATEL BT-RS232 is low, therefore it suits well also for applications where the power feed is limited.

Radio requirements

Radio parameters, EMC and Safety, are in accordance with the national requirements. Radio is currently type approved for Europe, USA, Canada, China and Russia.

Product code:

YI0232 SATEL BT-RS232 adapter


Data module

Electrical interface RS232
Interface connector Phoenix 7-pin
Data speed of serial interface 115200 bps
TX power +12 dBm with Bluetooth BR/EDR
RX sensitivity -96 dBm
Operation mode Slave mode


Operating voltage +9…+27.5Vdc(-15%/+20%)
Fuse requirement 2A
Typical power consumption Adapter < 1 W
Supply to sensor: 15 W max
Inrush current, power turned ON < 12A, duration < 50μs
Temperature range Type approval conditions: -20 °C … +55 °C
Functional: -40 °C …+70 °C
Storage: -40 °C …+85 °C
Vibration Up to 5G
IP rating IP66
Construction Polycarbonate case
Size L x W x T 151 x 66 x 43 mm
Weight 192 g