At the core of the SATEL XPRS solution:

SATEL XPRS radio router, QAM modulation



SATEL XPRS radio router is designed for serial data connectivity in mission-critical applications. It is a part of SATEL XPRS solution for applications requiring long-range connections, high reliability and independence of network. It also provides an excellent technology for back-up routing: the intelligence to automatic switchover is included.

The SATEL XPRS radio router can be used as a serial data radio modem and as a repeater in packet routing networks. When central unit is added to the radio unit, full TCP/IP functionality is obtained. The SATEL XPRS IP radio router consists of two separate modules; a radio unit and a central unit. The central unit together with the radio unit is typically used in a network as a master station or in locations where Ethernet connectivity is needed.

For radio router stations, the central unit is not necessary. SATEL XPRS radio router can be used in stations where a standard RS-connection is sufficient. The radio unit can operate as a transparent radio link; essentially replacing a wire with classic RS-232 based protocol. Various network topologies, from a simple point-to-point link to long-range point-to-multipoint systems with multiple repeaters, are available with the radio unit.


SATEL XPRS radio router’s benefits include
  • Meets the mission critical connectivity requirements: high availability, long-range connectivity, easy and error-free deployment
  • Integrated serial networking support and conversions
  • Configuration is easy with NETCO, centralized configuration software
  • Supreme reliability
  • Cyber security: data encryption according to AES-128/AES-256 standards, built-in firewall, user authentication, secure browser access


Available models and product codes:

  • SATELLAR XT 5R QAM (YF0205) without encryption support


SATEL offers a wide range of accessories for the products, see here.

Frequency range 400…445 MHz
Tuning range 45 MHz
Channel width 12.5, 25 kHz (software selectable)

Frequencies with 6.25 kHz channel spacing

Sensitivity/Carrier power See the brochure
Interface RS-232, RS-422/485
Data speed 121 kbps@25 kHz,64QAM modulation
Operating voltage range +12.5 … +25 Vdc (-15% / +20%)
Power consumption See the brochure
Size/Weight 130 x 55.5 x 76.5 / 680 g
CRS-9 (YC0201) Length 2 meters, with D9 male / D9 female connectors
CRS-9M (YC0203) Length 2 meters, with D9 male / D9 male
RJ45, CAT6 (YC0750) Length 1, 3 or 10 m cable
CRS-Y (YC0500) Length 1.5 meters, with D9 male / 2 x D9 female connectors from Master modem to user system and NMS PC
CRS-KU4 (YC0290) Length 1 meter, with D9 male / RJ45 from radio router to KU40 / KU52 products
CRF-1 (YC1101) RG58, lenght 1 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors
CRF-5F (YC1105) /
CRF-5M (YC1106)
RG-58, lenght 5 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors OR CRF-5M TNC male / TNC male -connectors
CRF-50 (YC1150) Length 50 cm cable TNC male / TNC male from band-pass filter to radio
ECOFLEX10 (YC1004) Low loss (0.9 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N or TNC -connectors
ECOFLEX15 (YC1005) Low loss (0.6 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N -connectors
Antennas Halfwave, quarter wave, Helix, directional and omnidirectional antennas
Power supply DIN (YP7524) Power supply for DIN-rail, Input 100–240 Vac / Output 24 Vdc / 2.5 A
A-AC (YP0115) Power supply for tabletop or wall mount usage, Input 100–240 Vac /
Output 15 Vdc / 4.6 A
SATELLAR-PWR (YC0330) Power cable, 1.5 m, 2.5 A fuse