Ready to use, licence free

The model SATELLINE-EASy 869 is a ready to use radio modem on the pan-European (869 MHz) or Indian (865 MHz) licence free channels with default settings. It is allocated for narrow band telemetry, alarm and data transfer applications.

Any radio modem in a network can be used as a master station, substation and/or repeater, because of the store and forward function.

SATELLINE-EASy 869 can be equipped with a LCD and push buttons for facilitating easy configuration of the radio modem. LCD can also be used to monitor the signal strength (RSSI) and the voltage of the power supply.

  • High frequency narrow band radio modem
  • Pan-European licence-free frequency band 869.400 … 870 MHz
  • Indian licence-free frequency band 865 … 867 MHz
  • Output power upto 0.5 W in Europe
  • Output power upto 1 W in India
  • Routing / repeater functions for creating networks for long distances
  • Available with or without display


Flexible, easy to expand

SATELLINE radio modem networks are flexible, easy to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks of hundreds of modems. Even for expanded networks, only one operating frequency is required.


Available models and product codes:

  • SATELLINE-EASy 869 (YM6501) without display
  • SATELLINE-EASy 869 (YM6551) with display


SATEL offers a wide range of accessories for the products, see here.

Frequency range 869.400 … 870 MHz / 865…867 MHz
Details and limitations for frequencies and power are in the user manual
Channel spacing 25 kHz fixed
Sensitivity/Carrier power -111 dBm / 0.5 W / 1 W
Interface Port1: RS-232 Port2: RS-232/422
Data speed 19200 bps
Operating voltage +7 … +25 Vdc (-15% / +20%)
Power consumption RX <1.2 W / TX <3.8 W @ 0.5 W / TX <7 W @ 1 W
Size/Weight 139 x 67 x 29 mm / 250 g
Connectors D15 / TNC female
CRS-2M (YC0103) / CRS-2F (YC0104) Interface cable, length 2 meter, includes power supply wires, with D15 / D9 male OR CRS-2F female -connectors
CRS-9M (YC0203) Interface cable, length 2 meters, with D9 male / D9 male connectors
CRS-PB (YC0501) Interface cable, length 2 meter, includes power supply wires, with D15 / D9 male -connectors for RS-485 interface
CRS-SAE-8-pin (YC0372) Interface cable, length 2 meter, includes SAE power connector, with D15 / ODU 8-pin male- connectors
CRS-RJ45 (YC0280) Interface cable, length 2 meter, with D15 / RJ45 male -connectors
CRS-TSU (YC0271) Length 2 meters or 50 cm, with D15 male / D15 female connectors, to be used between radio modem and I-LINK 100
CRF-1 (YC1101) RG58, lenght 1 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors
CRF-5F (YC1105) /
CRF-5M (YC1106)
RG-58, lenght 5 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors OR CRF-5M TNC male / TNC male -connectors
CRF-50 (YC1150) Length 50 cm with TNC male / TNC male from band-pass filter to radio
ECOFLEX10 (YC1004) Low loss (0.9 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths upto 20 meter with N or TNC -connectors
ECOFLEX15 (YC1005) Low loss (0.6 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N -connectors
NARS-1F (YC0200) Interface adapter with D15 male / D9 female –connectors, 650 mA fuse. Including power supply wires and programming switch
NARS-1F-4A (YC0204) Similar than NARS-1F, but with 4A fuse
NARS-2 (YC0485) Interface adapter with D15 male / screw connectors, 650 mA fuse adapter for RS-422 / 485 interface
Antennas Half Wave, Quarter Wave, Helix, Directional and Omnidirectional Antennas
Power supply DIN (YP7524) Power supply for DIN-rail, Input 100–240 Vac / Output 24 Vdc / 2.5 A
A-AC (YP0115) Power supply for tabletop or wall mount usage. Input 100–240 Vac / Output 15 Vdc / 4.6 A