Configuration and reprogramming software

SATEL Configuration Manager

SATEL Configuration Manager is a software for configuring and reprogramming a SATEL device. The parameters can be read and written from/to the connected, powered device. The program file can be saved into a separate file to be used to other devices.

The most common use case for which the SATEL Configuration Manager is optimized for is editing existing parameters in a SATEL radio product using locally connected product over a serial interface. Minimum requirements: COM port with baud rate min. 9600 bps (alternatively with industrial level USB-RS-232 converter). Recommended Win10/11 64-bit OS.

To increase the trust and improve the security SATEL has adopted Entrust Extended Validation Code Signing CA with SATEL Configuration Manager software.

For editing simple device configuration, channel lists and updating SATEL radios, SATEL NETCO DEVICE is the preferred SW tool.

Software available from DOWNLOADS section.

SATEL Configuration Manager introduction video: