Network configuration software with radio network monitoring option


SATEL NETCO NMS is an intuitive and user-friendly network configuration software for network design and management with radio network monitoring option. The software supports configuration of the Routing Setup (Source Routing) and NMS Routing Setup -modes for SATEL-EASy+ product family and configuration of the XPRS radio family. Also legacy, obsolete SATELLINE-3AS NMS product family is supported for NMS Routing.

The user interface of the product is web browser -based and can therefore be used both locally and remotely. Design with graphical user interface for easy optimizing network design and deployment in a few simple steps, with local and remote connection to SATEL radios.

SATEL NETCO NMS supports importing .saxd file format also, files created with the SATEL NMS PC software.

For Windows 10/11 64-bit OS and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and newer Ubuntu LTS versions.

Software is available at Downloads section.