Network configuration, testing and reprogramming software


SATELLINE SaTerm is a terminal software to assist in the configuration, testing and reprogramming of the SATEL devices. This software supports the Routing Setup -mode, a graphical tool for easy configuration of the Message Routing feature (Source Routing). Routing Setup refers to Message Routing feature for SATEL-EASy+ and SATELLINE-EASy family radio modems, where messages can be automatically routed over the radio network to correct recipient terminal.

This SW can assist in tests procedures and configuration for the radios via terminal interface with SL command support.

Minimum requirements: COM port with baud rate min. 9600 bps (alternatively with industrial level USB/RS-232 converter). Recommended OS Win10 64-bit.

For editing simple device configuration, channel lists and updating SATEL radios, SATEL NETCO DEVICE is the preferred SW tool.

For new Message Routing feature (Source Routing) -networks with SATEL-EASy+ -product family, SATEL NETCO DESIGN or NMS is the preferred SW tool.

Software available from DOWNLOADS section.