Bolzano and Turku

Real-time parking information makes traffic more fluent


Advance information on available parking areas and vacant parking places helps drivers to find the parking space quickly, thus improving the quality of the public service, enhancing the fluidity of the city traffic and reducing downtown traffic congestion. SATEL radio modems deliver this parking information in Bolzano Italy and Turku.


From Bolzano, Italy…

In Bolzano, a medium-sized town in Italian Tyrol, the parking place displays in 15 parking areas have SATELLINE radio modems. Another radio modem, located on top of the building of the Parking Control Centre, polls the parking area displays, and transfers the information on vacant parking places to 15 traffic service displays mounted at selected locations along the downtown access routes.

Radio modem contact distances up to 4 kilometers from the Control Centre are reached by means of carefully designed and located antennas.


SATEL casestory ITS Parking


…To Turku, Finland

A similar arrangement helps drivers in the city of Turku, Finland. Nine garages in the city area use SATELLINE radio modems to transfer information on vacant parking places. One of the radio modems is the master station that polls the others continuously.

At the entrance and exit gates of the garages, electronic devices count the incoming and outgoing vehicles. The number of vacant parking places is transmitted through SATELLINE to the master station that links the parking space information further to 7 parking area displays. The display screens, showing the name of the garage and number of vacant parking places, are located in close vicinity of the garages.


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