Career at SATEL

SATEL is a leading developer and producer of mission-critical wireless communication solutions. We are now investing increased efforts in the data transmission demands for advancing automated and autonomous applications. To do this, we need energetic, competent experts to join our world-class technology team.

At present, digitalization and automation are advancing in leaps and bounds in construction, mining, and agriculture. In the upcoming years, this development will continue to move strongly towards machines and devices that operate independently, autonomously. It calls for extensive development in the global field of technology, for example in wireless data transmission technologies for artificial intelligence, sensor reading and safety signals.

We are now offering the following position:

Systems Designer: Data communications for autonomous machines

You have a deep understanding of applicable wireless technologies (PMR, 3GPP, IEEE) and data transmission requirements in machine control applications. You also understand the types of signalling automated and autonomous devices require and the protocols they use. You have practical command of today’s machine control systems in intelligent agriculture, construction, mining or maritime and a strong vision about the direction in which machine control is developing.  You are familiar with the architecture of machine control systems from the cloud and control room all the way to the machine sensors.

To be able to work effectively as a Systems Designer, you should possess expertise and vision in as many of the areas as possible below:

  • Data security and what it requires in applications for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Applying the IEEE 802.11 and 3GPP 4G/5G standards in machine control systems
  • CAN bus, ISOBUS
  • Programming, scripting language
  • Basics of RF technology
  • TCP/IP protocol stack and routing, as well as RS-232/RS-485
  • RTK

You are able to speak and document fluently at least in Finnish and English.


For more information about the position, contact Jussi Savolainen, Director of Product Development, at + 358 40 595 6711, Mondays 1 pm–2 pm (EET).

Concerning this recruitment, we are partnering with MPS Enterprises and thus ask you to contact Senior Consultant Catharina Kallio at +358 40 668 3080. She will provide further application information. Please be in contact by 30.11.2020 at the latest.