23rd May 2024

Vulnerability policy

SATEL Oy is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of its systems and software. We recognize the importance of collaboration with our users and the broader community to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

We encourage individuals to report potential vulnerabilities to us. If you discover a vulnerability, please follow these steps:
Submit a detailed report of the vulnerability to [report.vulnerability@satel.com].Include a description of the vulnerability, steps to reproduce it, and any supporting materials such as proof-of-concept code or screenshots. Provide your contact information for further communication and acknowledgment.

When submitting vulnerability reports, kindly follow these guidelines:
Please do not disclose the vulnerability publicly until it has been resolved and agreed upon by SATEL Oy.Avoid leveraging the vulnerability to attain unauthorized entry to systems or data.Please avoid any actions that may disrupt our services or affect other users.Vulnerability reports should be based on the latest released firmware.

Handling of the reported vulnerability

After receiving a vulnerability report, SATEL Oy is committed to:
Acknowledging receipt of the report in a timely manner. Investigating and validating the reported vulnerability promptly. Keeping the reporter informed of the progress and resolution of the vulnerability.

Changing the vulnerability handling process 

We are constantly trying to develop our services and therefore we reserve the right to change this vulnerability policy by notifying on this page.

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