Note: For new systems we recommend other radios from SATEL product portfolio, for example SATEL-TR489.

SATELLINE-M3-TR8 is a flexible module which makes it a suitable unit for different uses. It is ready to use on the pan-European (868…870 MHz) or Indian (865…867 MHz) licence free channels with default settings and it is designed to be integrated into a host device. The module has a lightweight single PCB structure.


Compatibility and easy configuration

  • Compatible with widely used SATELLINE-EASy 869 radio modems
  • The radio module configuration can be done with the SATEL SL-commands or SATEL Configuration Manager software
  • Supplied without a housing in PCB format with RF-shielding, facilitating installation into the customer’s own housing or into a host device

The module is manufactured with AES128- bit encryption support on the air interface to ensure the privacy.

SATELLINE radio modules suit all kind of needs of OEM customers, no matter the level of customization. Please contact us or our nearest distributor for various possibilities to create the perfect customized solution for you needs.


Available models and product codes:

  • SATELLINE-M3-TR8 with AES128 encryption (YM7800)
  • SATELLINE-M3-TR8 without AES encryption (YM7810)
  • SATEL-B1A-TR8, radio module with a motherboard with AES128 encryption (YM7701)
  • SATEL-B1A-TR8, radio module with a motherboard without AES128 encryption (YM7706)
Frequency range 868 … 870 / 865 … 867 MHz
Tuning range 2 MHz
Channel spacing 25 kHz
Sensitivity/Carrier power -112 dBm/ 500 mW / 1 W
Interface CMOS-UART
Data speed Radio 19200 bps / Serial 115200 bps
Operating voltage +4 Vdc
Power consumption RX 875 mW / TX 4.3 W (@ 500 mW) / TX 7.3 W (@ 1 W)
Size/Weight 57 x 36 x 6.7 mm / 20 g
Connectors 1.27 mm pitch socket / U.FL